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supremesurf big days neu mukran

this was my third time competing at the ‘big days’ event, been in tree finals, but never managed to actually win – until this time! 😉 super happy to finally claim the title of this epic event. it was an amazing fleet of 46 riders batteling it out and a tough final against kenneth danielsen who finished 2nd, with leon jamaer in 3rd. thanks femke for taking these shots!

Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0117 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0120 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0157 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0161 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0198 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0207 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0333 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0583 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0603 Big_Days_2013@Femke_Geestmann-0623