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soulwave klitmøller

after a couple weeks of training on the canaries i went back home to see my friends for the red bull soulwave. the event combines wavesailing and standup paddling in the waves. the last weekend couldn’t have been better for that, as the wind came up from southwest for the 4.5m sail with 2m waves on klitmöller reef on saturday and then it just turned glassy on sunday for the sup. i finished in second. was not the luckiest guy on this weekend, first ran into a deer on the way up, then next morning a guy on the beach parking crashed into the back end of my car. in the windsurf final i was not on the lucky side either, but all in all it was still a real fun event! thanks to everyone who made this happen and big congrats to my fanatic team mate leon jamaer for his victory! shots by henning nockel / red bull content pool