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pwa worldcup pozo ’14

what a waiting game. skippers meeting on sunday morning at 7am for the final day after 6 days of not much happening. after watching three hours of flatness and wind for 4.0, hopes almost disappeared. but then – suddenly and unexpected – pozo switched on. nothing amazing, but the best we’ve had all week and we managed to sail the finals of the girls, followed by the entire single elimination of the guys. what a timing! i managed to sneak through two rounds against my simmer team mate kenneth danielsen, followed by red bull storm chase king thomas traversa, until victor fernandez took me out and then went on to win the event! 5 pozo wins on his belt – what a champ! so happy for him! I finished in a great 5th place, nice start of the season! really happy with my new 2015 gear, works just excellent!
thanks to everyone cheering through the live stream! tune back in when mr. proffitt turns the stream back on and we pull that green flag up in tenerife in two weeks. hopefully with a little more movement in the ocean. looking forward!

GC14_wv_Voget_tweaked GC14_ls_Sunrise_in_Pozo GC14_wv_Voget_push_loop GC14_ls_Victor_checks_the_conditionss GC14_wv_Voget_bails GC14_wv_Klaas_Voget_shaka GC14_wv_Klaas_Voget_flying_high GC14_wv_Ready_to_rock