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pwa pozo 2012

it’s been a while that i have seen that much wind. in previous years i was mostly on my 4.0 here on gran canaria during the contest, this year it was 3.4 nonstop, with winds gusting to over 60 knots. for me it was a good start, i lost some heats in marginally close decisions, but still managed to finish in 7th place after the double elimination. now i’m on tenerife since yesterday preparing for the next tour stop, starting here in medano on the 12th july. pictures by carter/pwaworldtour.com



2 comments to “pwa pozo 2012”

  • Nate, 10. July 2012 at 20:56

    Hey, Will the 2013 Fanatic Quads have a 5 fin box option like the one you are riding! That would be sweet. Great shots!

    • klaas, 11. July 2012 at 00:08

      Hi Nate, the 2013 range will be launched in a couple days from now. The board i was using with 5 boxes was one of the latest protos Victor and i got from our shaper Sebastian Wenzel. It is close to the 2013 production board, but the production Quad will not come with 5 boxes. If you are more in favour of a Tri- or Singlefin, there will be a new addition to the wave range for 2013. Check fanatic.com in a couple of days… Cheers, Klaas