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the new year brings some exciting news for me. after 6 years on simmer sails i’m going to be on the north sails team from 2016!

i’m sailing on fanatic boards since i’ve started windsurfing and with my close relationship with the brand, the relationship to north sails also got closer and closer over the years, as both brands are working hand in hand within the boards & more group. we’ve had several talks over the years about this move and for 2016 it was finally the right time. i’m super excited to work with sail designer kai hopf and my team mate victor fernandez on the development of the new wave sails. north has a super professional r&d setup with a loft on maui and a development center and headquarter in germany. new protos are built from one week to the next in production standard and we can try new design ideas immediately. the masts, booms and all the accessories are of the highest standards and the best and lightest you can get on the market. I’m really looking forward to become a part of this team and push my own sailing and the equipment even further! i’m in chile right now and already have a bunch of protos here for the 2017 development. My first impression is super good, i can’t wait for the wind to return for my next session!

i’d like to thank simmer style for their support for the past 6 years, for the opportunity to learn a lot about sail design and for the fun team spirit to all simmer team riders!

of course i also thank my long term sponsors fanatic, chiemsee and ion, who will join me into the next season.

here some shots of me with my new gear and a bit of action with one of the proto sails. i’m stoked about how light the entire rig feels!