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maui spring ’14

a few shots from my latest trip to maui. love that place! can’t show much action, as i was shooting the 2015 gear, so here a few impressions along the side.

Maui_Klaas-5408 Maui_Fanatic_Klaas-4480 Maui_Fanatic_Klaas-4108 Maui_Klaas-5344 Maui_Klaas-5398 Maui_Klaas-6801 Maui_Klaas-7773 Maui_Klaas-7890 Maui_Fanatic_Klaas-4437 Maui_Fanatic_Klaas-4474 Maui_Klaas-4955 Maui_Klaas-4949 Maui_Klaas-5162 Maui_Klaas-4912 Maui_Klaas-4866 Maui_Klaas-8016 Maui_Klaas-3735 Maui_Klaas-3691 Maui_Klaas-3778 Maui_Klaas-3777 Maui_Klaas-3668 Maui_Klaas-3569 Maui_Klaas-4797 Maui_Klaas-4784