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gran canaria june/july ’13

in the past years the pwa tour started with a bang on gran canaria. last year we’ve had winds gusting to over 60 knots, this year we didn’t even sail one heat. pozo has been like a swimming pool for the days of the event. i arrived almost 3 weeks in advance to get in shape and scored some good days. hope we’ll be more lucky for the second event that’s coming up from the 3rd to the 9th of august on tenerife. Thanks to Femke for the great shots!

Fanatic-4254 Fanatic-4337 Fanatic-4365 Klaas-5488 Klaas-5504 Klaas-5511 Klaas-6006 Klaas-6077 Klaas-6117 Klaas-6147 Klaas-6173 Klaas-6181 Klaas-6327 Klaas-6334 Klaas-6358 Klaas-6361 Klaas-6531 Klaas-6724 Klaas-6754 Klaas-6776 Klaas-6777 Klaas-6778 Klaas-6784 Klaas-6893 Klaas-6895 Klaas-6923 Klaas-6960 Klaas-6963 Klaas-6966 Klaas-7004 Klaas-7006 Klaas-7050 Klaas-7051 Klaas-7057 Klaas-7085 Klaas-7178